Men’s Bible Study
God desires men to be leaders in our home and in our community. It is through the studying of God’s word that we learn the values and traits required for us to lead as men of God. Join us on Tuesday’s from 6-7am as we journey together through God’s word and apply it to our lives with life relevant topics. In addition to the study, enjoy some fresh coffee and a light breakfast to help nourish the body as we nourish our souls.

Accountability Groups
Life is filled with many temptations and destructive paths. As Christians we can support one another in the decisions we make. As iron sharpens iron, so does gathering with other men of faith who hold one another accountable for our decisions. Through prayer, encouragement and accountability, these groups help each of us as we strive to become better men each day.


Women’s Bible Studies
If you are looking for an opportunity to grow in your faith with other ladies having similar issues and concerns as you, we offer a weekly women’s Bible study.  It is our desire that these studies help women become more complete followers of Christ and to allow God’s Word to inspire them to love, learn, and lead.


Christmas By Candlelight
One of the largest women’s ministry events of the year is Christmas by Candlelight.  It is an event full of elegance, beauty, celebration, worship, and fellowship.  Below are two videos.  The first is an inspirational message from this year’s event.  The other one gives you a taste of what to expect