Middle School
6th – 8th graders learn to articulate and own their faith and identity as Christians through our Bible focused Wednesday night program each week from 6:30-8:00 during the school year. We also have lots of fun activities throughout the year that help students develop friendships.
High School
9th-12th graders have the opportunity to be surrounded by other students who are going through the same struggles as they are, and be supported by adults who care about them. Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00, they meet for Bible studies about relevant topics, and time to share what is happening with them.
Understanding that Christians are called to spend their lives serving those around them, instead of focusing on ourselves, is one of the most important parts of student ministry at LOTW. We take a week each summer to make that lesson a reality through mission trips. From demolition in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to serving at an orphanage in Jamaica, LOTW’s students get hands on experience helping those in need.
Student Leadership Team is a group of high school students who are committed to learning how to be leaders in the church and the world. They gain practical experience through ministries at LOTW, while being mentored and challenged by adults.