Life Groups • Making Deeper Connections

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are a vital part of the ministry of LOTW! They are a place where relationships build and connections are made over common interests and activities. These aren’t your every day relationships and connections! It’s the common interests and activities that bring groups together. But, it’s the Christ-centered focus that bonds the members into deeper relationships with each other, building members up to be better equipped to share God’s love with the world around us.

In the past, we’ve had groups centered around camping, crafting, book clubs, and age-specific interests (such as a 20-something’s group and a “Forever Young” group for folks around 60+). Life Groups are genuinely the best way to connect with people who share an interest, be inspired to grow in your walk with Christ, and help inspire others to grow, too!

If you have a longing for something more than a great worship service once a week, or attending an occasional Bible study, consider joining or starting a Life Group. John Alvis, Spiritual Formation Minister,  leads this ministry and new groups are launched multiple times a year, and members are welcome to move from one group to another or start a group of their own. 

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