What We Teach and How We Teach

Our integrated curriculum includes Letterland, Handwriting Without Tears, Math Their Way , Art/Science, Rhythm Worship and Sign. We focus on the whole child, developing growth in the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual areas through play based centers.  Play-based learning plays an important role in the development of healthy social and emotional habits in children. When children play with other children, they learn to cooperate, communicate and engage with their peers in a way that ensures they feel part of their young community.

Well-planned age appropriate activities in which the children learn basic skills like sorting, fingertip grasping, basic shape classification and develop their verbal, social, gross and fine motor skills. 

Whether they are pretending to be a doctor, acting like the mother to their teddy bear “babies”, or flying a cardboard box airplane, children are acting as creative problem-solvers, and demonstrating the skills that come naturally to them.

We do not embrace just one published curriculum because we believe that the use of multiple resources provides the materials we need that will meet the different needs of all children. Our low staff-to-child ratios afford the children the individual attention and care they need.


Letterland introduces the alphabet letter shapes and sounds, expands
vocabulary step-by-step, and explores phonemic awareness. Our favorite part is that it includes songs and actions for all the alphabet; our students learn so quickly with this curriculum because they are tying together letters and reading with actions and sounds. It’s a winning combination!

Math Their Way

This is our most flexible curriculum: the teacher determines the children’s overall needs and then provides appropriate classroom activities by observing them at work with the concrete manipulatives. The goal of Math Their Way activities is
to develop an understanding of and gain insight into mathematical patterns in the way each child relates to the world. It is a solid system that starts with a broad evaluation of “this is where our class needs to go,” and then we teach arithmetic at every child’s level individually so the class as a whole can acheive success.

Handwriting Without Tears

This unique curriculum uses entertaining,
multisensory techniques and research-based methods to help students
develop skills in forming letters — from prewriting to printing to cursive. Our students learn to write well at every stage, and they have fun doing it!

A child sits at a desk as a teacher helps him write his name: "Grayson"

Our layout and structure includes:

  • Home areas with domestic and kitchen settings
  • Science and technology areas 
  • Reading spaces 
  • Water and/or sand tables
  • Areas for imaginative play 

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